5 Ways You Can Save Your Relationship After An Affair

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Want to save your relationship? Talk things out

Some people do not believe that a relationship or marriage can be salvaged after an affair has occurred, but I would beg to differ. In my case, I am the one who had an affair and decided to come clean about it to my partner. Back then, my partner and I were going through some difficult times, and so when I went away on a business trip to Townsville I ended up getting drunk and sleeping with a woman from my division. The next morning, I felt absolutely horrible about what I’d done, but took it as a sign that things needed to change between me and my partner. When I got back from Townsville, I sat my partner down and told her what I’d done. She was immediately furious, but after some time we began to sort things out. It became very clear that in order for us to save our relationship we were going to need to start changing some of the most crucial aspects of our relationship.

Moving on after an affair: How getting your sex life back can help

When my partner and I began to discuss what was wrong with our relationship, we couldn’t believe how bad things had gotten between us. For one, we calculated how many times we had had sex in the last year, and we were horrified to find out that the number wasn’t in the double-digit-realm. In order to save our relationship, we knew that we needed to get our sex life back, as this often made up feel closer to each other and more attractive. Moving on after an affair can be done, but only if both partners are willing to give it their all to fix the relationship.

Saving your relationship after an affair by taking a vacation together

When someone has an affair but still loves their partner, the first and only thing on their mind is to save their relationship. Saving your relationship might sometimes seem impossible, but with a little dedication from both parties, it can be done. When I came clean about my affair to my wife, we decided that we would give it another shot and try to be as happy as we once were. To do this we decided that it was time for a vacation. We booked a vacation to the Bahamas and spent the week as though we were newlyweds and it really helped us rekindle our relationship

How to act after an affair

There is no proper way to act after having had an affair or finding out that your partner has had one. When I came clean about my affair I acted like I felt: disappointed, sad, and apologetic. I truly believe that as long as you are sincere and sorry about what you’ve done, that your loved one will consider forgiving you.

Saving your relationship by getting help

After I went to the Bahamas with my wife, our relationship started to take off in a delightful way, but I could tell that she was still having some trouble trusting me, especially when I went away on business trips. Since I didn’t want her developing paranoia over the matter, I asked her if she would be interest in saving our relationship by seeking help from a professional. This professional helped her regain her trust, and eventually we stopped needed his help.