Best Date Night Restaurants

Date Night Restaurant Best Date Night Restaurant When I first signed up for online dating, I had no intentions of getting into a relationship whatsoever, and I made that really clear. I was, however, looking to find a friend with benefits who could help me with my secual needs and nothing more. I went from […]

Using In Sherbrooke

Using In Sherbrooke Tips For Success On If you signed up for, then you might be wondering what you can do to make your profile stand out amongst others. There are many different little tips for success on, and you’ll be surprised to find out that you probably already know half […]

You Caught Your Friend’s Husband Cheating, Now What?

It’s like a scene from a movie: You’re walking along a street in Austin, minding your own business, when suddenly you see your best friend’s husband. Just as you are about to call his name and wave to say hi, you notice that there is a woman on his arm who is most definitely not […]

5 Clues That She Secretly Wants You to Ask Her Out!

Guys always seem to think that women are hard to understand, and I feel like they might sometimes be right. We do tend to use a lot of secretive behavior, usually as a protection or defence mechanism. It can be really hard for us American women when we are interested in a guy but don’t […]

Thinking Of Having An Affair? Think About Your Kids First

Think of the family before you cheat It happens time and time again, where people give in to passion and let desire take over, leading them to cheat on their spouses in a moment of weakness. While it might feel great in the moment you’ll be left with a heavy heart that’s filled with guilt […]

What Does It Take To Remain Faithful?

Staying faithful in your relationship Being part of a successful relationship isn’t easy. Being faithful to one partner can be a challenge when faced with all of the obstacles that come along with being part of a monogamous and committed relationship. While it’s tempting to stray when you’re feeling bored or lonely in your relationship […]

How to come off as confident: James Bond style

He’s cool, very cool. Incredibly successful, well travelled, and definitely mysterious. He can walk into any room and charm anyone to be with him. This sounds like a movie character, doesn’t it? Well let me tell you it is possible for you to be the same way. With some practice you can be a suave […]

Text Game Strong: Ten Text Messages She Will Love

Men just suck at texting. They’re either too abrupt, don’t know how to flirt, or can’t keep up a conversation. Any girl knows that we will not date a guy who can’t text. If a guy can’t properly communicate with you or share his feelings through texts, he is not worth it. If you’re one […]