Can Couples Counseling Help Save Your Relationship?

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The story of my promiscuity

Most people seem completely unaware of the fact that while some of us are hardwired for monogamy, many others feel trapped and penned in by the prospect of only sharing their sexuality with one other person for the rest of their lives. This almost always results in either one partner or the other feeling either betrayed by cheating or resentful of having their desires and choices controlled by their significant other.

I have always been a very sexual woman. Sexuality is one of the myriad ways that I express myself. My art and my writing is very sexual in nature and I find sex to be liberating in a way that most other things are not. Perhaps it is because I was raised in a religious household where sexual feelings were repressed and stigmatized that I grew up feeling both terrified and exhilarated by the prospect of men touching me and exposing my body to them.

It wasn’t long before my body bloomed and the boys found their way inside of me. It was that exhilarating fear always that guided me to them and them to me. But high school was difficult because I was so sexually active and I wanted a taste of all the boys and I wanted them to taste me. I was of course labeled a slut as so often happens to so many girls with my predilections. I came to feel ashamed of my desires and my needs for sex. Perhaps my father was right. Boys would become briefly obsessed with me then speak badly about me behind my back. The other girls hated me and I had no close friends. It never seemed fair that men were treated one way for sleeping with a lot of girls and I was treated another for sleeping with lots of boys.

So in my senior year of college, I decided to have a boyfriend. The two of us would only be sexually active with each other and we would come to know each other and our bodies in a more intimate way. More intimate, I hoped, than I had ever known another boy.

I grew to love him uniquely as I had never loved another man before. The sex was wonderful, yet my promiscuity and desire to have sex outside our relationship never waned. Of course these desires made me feel guilty. I felt like a terrible girlfriend and a bad woman. I grew resentful of him because indirectly, he was the source of these negative emotions about myself. They became conflated with feelings about my father and my home life. When he went to touch me, I would clam up, and yet I did not leave him, nor ever tell him how I felt because I was ashamed of myself and those feelings. What kind of slut would throw away such love to fuck some random guys? I was shocked when he cheated on me.

This was several years into our relationship. We’d both talked about marriage at points and raising children together. I liked the idea. I remember screaming at him about how he’d ruined everything, but deep down I knew this was my fault. I had not articulated my needs to him at all because I was ashamed.

Couples counseling helped us both realize that we really did belong together in a relationship. We just didn’t belong in a monogamous one. He had no idea the role that sexuality played in my life or the depth my expression or desire for it. He did not seem angry or jealous either. He seemed excited.

Online hookup sites

We decided to get accounts on a couple of sites that offered hookups for swinger couples. Apparently there were a lot of girls out there who wanted to date couples and of course this thrilled him. He was the first man I’d ever had a threesome with where a girl was involved. I enjoyed it too. It was more of a turn on that I thought it would be, and she was so sweet and pretty. It really seemed to turn my man on, which I didn’t quite understand but nevertheless enjoyed. It was the first time I had ever licked a pussy too which became a whole new way to express my sexuality. It was like me except not.

Online hookup sites became the way in which I and my fiancee saved our relationship – a relationship that later became a marriage. We can both find people to hook up with online and we both have an understanding that at the end of the night we will be there for each other. Nothing can come between that.

There are some really great online services out there for people who are looking to date couples online. I can also find other men to hook up with too. I don’t have to worry about any of them getting too attached since it is a casual online dating setting and each of us know where the other stands.

So if you’re in a similar situation looking for online dating sites for swinger couples please know that there are several good ones out there for you to find. Honest communication and couple’s counseling saved our relationship with a little help from casual online dating!