Can An Affair Be Forgiven? When Should You Call It Quits And Move On?

Is there room for forgiveness after cheating?

A lot of people ask if there is room for forgiveness after cheating has been made apparent in a relationship, and in the end, it all depends on you and your partner. Finding room for forgiveness in your heart after it has been crushed by your partner’s infidelity is extremely hard, but in some cases partners feel as though they could work through the pain and find joy again. I guess it all depends on how badly you were hurt by your partner. Finding out that your entire relationship was a lie is not easy to get over, but finding out that your partner cheated once or twice can easily be forgiven if they play their cards right.

Forgiving him for cheating

Are you wondering whether you should forgive him for cheating on you? Well, if you are you’re probably going to have to spend some time sorting out your options. A lot of women end up forgiving their partners for cheating because they do not feel as though they could make it on their own and for this reason alone, they forgive them and remain in a loveless marriage. Before forgiving him for cheating, ask yourself if you’re happy, and if you aren’t then make a choice that benefits you. If you love your husband and want to remain with him despite his mistake, then by all means do it.

move on womanTo Forgive Or To Move On

Giving him a second chance: Does he really deserve it?

If you’re going to give your husband a second chance, you better make sure that he deserves it. Getting cheated on once is enough, you don’t want to start handing out second chances only to have him start asking for third and fourth chances as well. Giving him a second chance is something that is entirely up to you, but you shouldn’t start handing them out like it’s no big deal. Forgiving someone for cheating is a huge deal, and in order to do so, your husband should make it very obvious that he wants to be with you and only you for the remainder of your marriage.

Uh Oh — He’s a serial cheater

Forgiving someone for cheating takes a lot of strength and courage, however, this courage isn’t always rewarded with fidelity. In some cases, women and men are married to serial cheaters without even knowing it. Not knowing that you’re with a serial cheater is very worrisome, because they’ll keep telling you that they’re going to change but they never will. To make matters worse, they will start learning tricks on how to hide their cheating and make it almost impossible for you to catch them in the act.

He did what? Time to start moving on

So, you forgave your cheating partner and then busted them for cheating, again. If this is the case, it is time to move on, and quickly. When my husband cheated on me the first time, I made the decision to give him another chance, but not before I purchased some spy gear for cheaters. Once I had set up some spy tech, I told him that we would try anew and waited to see what would happen. To test him, I went to spend a weekend at my parent’s house in New Plymouth but when I watched the recordings the next week, I saw that he has cheated on me again. So I packed my bags, moved to New Plymouth, and started moving on.