5 Clues That She Secretly Wants You to Ask Her Out!

Guys always seem to think that women are hard to understand, and I feel like they might sometimes be right. We do tend to use a lot of secretive behavior, usually as a protection or defence mechanism. It can be really hard for us American women when we are interested in a guy but don’t know if he feels the same way. Women have been conditioned for centuries to let the man take the lead, and most of us are absolutely terrified of rejection. For those reasons and more, we tend towards more subtle cues to let guys know that we are interested in them, and are secretly hoping you will ask us out!

how to know if shes into youShe Really Wants You To Ask Her Out!

Signs She Wants You to Ask Her Out: She Plays With Her Hair

Real women tend to get nervous around a guy we are interested in. This can take several forms, but pretty much the most common one is that we will start playing with our hair when we’re talking to a guy we want to date. You’ve probably seen it in the movies: the girl gets a little shy, might avert her eyes, and starts twirling her hair around her fingertip. I can’t think of a single time i’ve done the classic fingertip hair twirl that didn’t involve me trying to get a guy’s attention. Watch her hands the next time you get a chance to speak with her and see if they go to her hair. If so, there is a very good chance that she’s into you and wants you to ask her out!

Real Women Seek You Out

Whether she is someone you know in person or have met through online dating, real women will seek out a guy we are interested in, in the hopes that we are giving him an opportunity to ask us out. This could be that she sends you a message online, or that she keeps making herself physically present around you. If you are interested in her and you notice that she seems to be around a lot, even if there is an excuse for why she is there, it’s a pretty good sign that she would be happy if you asked her out.

Dating Tips: She Thinks You Are HILARIOUS!

This probably doesn’t apply to you if you’re a comedian, but for all the other guys, listen up. We women know that you guys take your egos pretty seriously, so when we are interested in you, we will go the extra mile to feed into that fragile Texas-sized ego. Real women will make the effort to pay close attention to everything you say, and especially to laugh like crazy at your jokes, even if they are super lame. It’s a safe bet that she wants you to ask her out if she laughs like crazy at the knock-knock joke you learned from your nephew.

Making the First Move: She is Touchy Feely With You

If I’m not interested in a man, I will go to great lengths to avoid physical contact, and I think most real women would agree. So it speaks volumes when a woman makes physical contact with you. Some of the more common moves out of our playbook include and hand on your arm when we’re laughing at a joke, touching your back as we walk by, or going in for a real, two-bodies-pushed-together kind of hug. I can’t stress this enough: If we don’t like you, we are extremely unlikely to touch you. The caveat here is if you have already built a friendship, the physical contact could be just part of your friend zone, so be careful. But if you’re not already riding the friend train, she probably wants you to ask her out!

Asking Women Out: It’s All in the Eyes

I don’t know too many real women who are interested in staring contests, so when we make a point of making eye contact with you, unless we follow it up with telling you your fly is down, we are probably interested in you. A common technique is to make eye contact, look away, and attempt to make eye contact again to make sure you’re still looking at us. If you have managed to hold her gaze for more than about two seconds, you can be relatively confident that you have her attention. You can certainly try the same tactic of looking away and looking back if you want to test the theory.

So there you go guys, 5 signs that you should definitely go in and ask her out. Remember, more often than not we are giving you clues to make the first move. You don’t want to leave us hanging, do you?