What Does It Take To Remain Faithful?

faithful monogamy relationshipStaying faithful in your relationship

Being part of a successful relationship isn’t easy. Being faithful to one partner can be a challenge when faced with all of the obstacles that come along with being part of a monogamous and committed relationship. While it’s tempting to stray when you’re feeling bored or lonely in your relationship it is possible to remain faithful and keep the trust between you and your partner, even in the rockiest of times. Here are the best ways to ensure you and your partner are able to stay faithful to each other:

Make time for yourself.

Being part of a couple isn’t all about doing things for each other. Each individual in a relationship is just as important as the couple itself. It’s critical that you make time for self care as a way to maintain a healthy and happy relationship. Take time to relax each day whether it’s curling up with a good book or taking a long, hot bath. Make time for staying active and pursuing the hobbies in your area that you love. Treating yourself as a special person ensures that you’ll feel more fulfilled on your own instead of depending solely on your partner to make you happy.

Prioritize time together.

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the day to day grind and forget about romance and passion in your relationship. Make a commitment to regular date nights and to spending quality time together as a couple. Getting out of the house and spending a night together is a great way to re-connect on a regular basis and keep the sparks flying even in the most committed and monogamous relationships.

Keep it fun.

Avoid the trap of becoming a nag or control freak in your relationship and keep the spirit of passion alive by making a conscious choice to have fun together. Surprise each other often, write love notes to one another, find the humour in everyday situations, and make an effort to keep things fun overall. Being together will be something you look forward to instead of feeling like you’re stuck in a prison.

Maintain a hot sex life.

So many couples fall into a dreary rut of missionary sex once a week, which doesn’t exactly entice anyone to stay faithful. With all of the opportunities for straying, looking for sex online, or hooking up with other people it’s critical that you keep your sex life hot and steamy. You’ll be more motivated to be committed if you know you’re coming home to a wild night in bed. How do monogamous couples keep it spicy? The secret is to constantly mix it up: role playing one night, experimenting with S&M another night, or spending an evening on a live webcam site together. Some of the best live cam websites for couples are LiveJasmin.com, Sexier.com, or Livecams.com, and some of the hottest couples in the USA are the ones that are the most open to experimenting together. Make it a priority to discover new ways of finding pleasure together as a couple and you’ll both be motivated to stay faithful to the relationship.

Spend time apart.

Contrary to what you might think, the secret to being a successful couple isn’t to spend every moment together. In fact, spending time apart is healthy and encouraged as a way to stay committed to one another. If you’re together all the time you’ll quickly grow bored of each other. If you take the time for your own activities and hobbies, you’ll look forward to seeing your partner later and will always have new things to talk about together. Being your own person makes you way more interesting and keeps your relationship feeling fresh and new.


Silence can be the death of a relationship, especially when hurt, anger or resentment are left to brew. If you’re feeling something just say it. It’s always better to speak your mind than keep your feelings bottled up, even in the case of negative emotions. If something is bothering you, you owe it to your relationship to talk about it. The same goes for positive feelings – if your partner does something you like then take the time to compliment them and let them know how much you appreciate them. Go live with how you’re feeling to save your partner having to guess, helping you both to foster a relationship built on communication.

Don’t get too comfortable.

Remember back to the days when you and your partner first started dating. The chances are that you didn’t show up for dates in ratty sweatpants with unwashed hair, so avoid doing it now even if you’re in a monogamous relationship. You partner may be committed to you but that doesn’t mean you need to totally let yourself go. Show them that you want to look your best for them, and enjoy the feeling of looking great for yourself too. A few extra minutes spent on hair, makeup, or getting dressed can make a huge difference in showing your partner that you’re still committed to their happiness and the success of the relationship.