How to come off as confident: James Bond style

He’s cool, very cool. Incredibly successful, well travelled, and definitely mysterious. He can walk into any room and charm anyone to be with him. This sounds like a movie character, doesn’t it? Well let me tell you it is possible for you to be the same way. With some practice you can be a suave and charming James Bond like character yourself. Best part, you’ll be able to sleep with whoever you like.

Your dream of being a man like this is not out of your reach. We all have the potential within to be whatever we want to be. This includes being the type of man no woman could reject.

Unleashing Your Inner Confident Man

man of mysteryYour charming inner James Bond is within you!

Step 1

Find out what is holding you back from your potential. Are you nervous around people? Scared of rejection? Confident people will tell you that the first and most important part of overcoming these things are to : stop caring. Seriously, you just have to stop caring about what people think of you. Your own opinion of yourself has to be more important to you than what other people may think. Often, our perception of people’s criticisms are way worse than what they actually are. Even if someone dislikes us, that person is probably outnumbered by the people who will love us.

Step 2

Knowing your audience. Listen, some crowds are just easier to please than others. Don’t try to pick up women at a feminist book reading. Those women are probably not going to be excited, to have you try to pick them up. Think of places where you know there are plenty of women looking to meet a nice guy, like yourself. Bars are very good places for that, because everyone’s there with the intention of meeting someone new anyways. Also, weddings are great places to meet women. Plus you’ve already got that spiffy outfit on.

Step 3

Looking really good is crucial. Those guys in movies that always get the girl, all have the same thing in common: they look really good. I mean taking care of oneself is always important. The way we present ourselves to the world impacts who will attract. You don’t have to be Brad Pitt to meet someone special. You do though, need to put some care into your appearance. Make sure your clothes are always on point and fashionable, that your personal hygiene is impeccable and that you’re presenting the best you. That means, going to the barber and getting your hair done regularly. Looking into what kinds of clothes are most fashionable for men to wear. You want a woman who looks good right? Well she’s probably putting in her time to look really good. So, you probably have to do the same if you want her to like you back.

Step 4

Don’t be stingy. Women love to be pampered, and she’s never going to fall for you, if you can’t provide for her. You have no money? Go out and make some! Sometimes you have to do whatever it takes. Even if that means taking a job that is seemingly beneath you. No woman will be ashamed of the kind of work you do. What she won’t like, is you not doing anything at all. You can’t be sexy and ask her to pay the tab. Also, if you don’t like spending your money on someone else, good luck finding a lady who will tolerate that. If you’re trying to find someone to share your life with, you’ll have to share your entire life with them. This includes your money.

Putting It All Together

In life if you can’t be it: fake it. You know that saying “fake it til you make it”. Well there is some definite truth to that. The most important thing is that you put in some effort at all. If you can’t put all the pieces together: relax. You really don’t have to. Trying will mean that you’re already in a better position than when you weren’t doing anything at all.

Everything comes from within. You have to trick yourself to think that you’re already the things you may not be. A lot of what women think of you, will be what you already think of yourself. You cannot allow you weaknesses to take over and dictate your life. Everyone has something they struggle with, even people who don’t show any signs of it.

That James Bond like person is already inside of you. You’ve just got to let him out! Put that tux on and paint the town red.